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Greenergy A&D Commodities DMCC/Renewable Energy a trading firm. It is a Limited Liability, Private Corporation registered in Dubai UAE. Greenergy A&D is a licensed Renewable Energy and Commodities Trader, Minority owned business.



 Danny Blue: Owner, CEO;

Education: EE/ME/, a graduate of the University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado. Utility Consultant specializing in energy efficiency, oil trading and billing analysis. Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, EPA Energy Star Certifier for Auto Manufacturing Facilities. Automotive assembly plant energy centres design experience with Asian cultural experience, Japan and Korea. Design, construction, and procurement, with 30 years of Engineering Management experience. Member of the Office of Minority Business Enterprise (OMBE) Alabama with 30 years engineering experience in the oil/energy and construction fields, doing business (DBA) in Dubai as Greenergy A&D Commodities DMCC, in Africa as Greenergy LLC, Alabama, Greenergy (Private) Limited, Zimbabwe, Greenergy Corporation LTD, Kenya and Greenergy A&D Nigeria, LTD. In Harare, Zimbabwe, construction of 500 energy efficient housing units utilizing passive, PV and battery storage technology. Renewable Energy Project completion of Solar, Wind and Geothermal projects above 5MW, Off-Grid and On-grid and Solar farms, with PPP, PPA arrangements in Kenya. Strong working financial relationships with US EXIM Bank and OPIC.

Develop, establish, and direct execution of operating policies and procedures to support overall company policies and objectives.

• Improve and implement the systems Greenergy uses to deliver its products and services

• Ensure quality control of all company output as pertains to customer acquisition and delivery of services. Refine and enforce Greenergy’s high standard for customer service.

• Regularly evaluate operating procedures and create centralized best practices within different sites to ensure uniform performance throughout the company.

• Hire, train, motivate, direct, coach, evaluate and retain high performers at Greenergy sites.

• Take charge in high-priority crises.




 Awino Ochieng Blue, C.O.O, Greenergy LLC

Awino has 15 years experience as a marketing and product management executive who has led these functions at both technology start-ups and global companies. Awino is also highly diverse internationally with management experience in Switzerland, Germany and the US. Awino speaks multiple languages including German, English, Swahili and Luo. As a founder of Greenergy LLC Awino is the International Public Relations expert, Humanitarian activist, creator of Women and Children’s Organizations and Charities in Africa. Awino is extremely instrumental in supporting the Greenergy partners with her expertise in the development of large projects on the continent of Africa. While managing the development of the company website, Awino was successful in driving business at such a record setting pace using social media that it garnered the attention of Facebook management.

  • Public Relations
  • Humanitarian development
  • Research and development
  • Website development






 : CFO, Greenergy LLC

BS has over seven years in business development, product management, sales and finance roles, an Auburn University graduate in Finance has diverse international experiences in Africa, Europe and US. He is an entrepreneur and business visionary with a proven track record. He is also responsible for operations and financial matters.

  • Website management
  • Research and development




Company Mission Statement:

The mission of Greenergy is to provide homes that are modern, energy efficient, that meet the requirements of the market place.

Greenergy is concerned about the environment and will promote clean, efficient energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a cleaner planet for all.

Greenergy will help preserve natural resources and improve the local economy by providing jobs and respect the local environment by using environmentally friendly construction methods.

Our business is two pronged; it is energy efficient housing and energy alternative products. We believe the energy market will always provide new products and it is a growth industry.

Greenergy also will bring a new style of housing with unique touches in the design of the exterior and interior items, while promoting off the grid independence of energy.

We see energy as an expanding market in developing African Nations. With improved infrastructures, Internet access and communication systems, energy demand will increase. Greenergy is ready with the newest technology for energy efficiency.

Our Vision and Goals;

To encourage and to Sustain energy sector development and energy use through efficient practices: There by:

Minimizing the Undesirable impacts of energy usage upon health and environment, and

Contributing towards secure and affordable energy for all.

Goals: The eight Strategies’ of many of our Goals are outlined below:


Goal 1: Improve the health of the nation, especially Africa Nations.

Energy efficiency reduces the atmospheric emission of harmful substances such as Oxides of Sulfur, Oxides of Nitrogen, and smoke. Such substances are known to have an adverse effect on health and are frequently primary causes of common respiratory ailments.

Goal 2: Job creation.

Studies show that the spin-off effects of energy efficiency implementation will create jobs. Improvements in commercial economic performance and uplifting the energy efficiency sector itself will inevitably lead to nationwide employment opportunities.

Goal 3: Alleviate energy poverty

Energy efficient homes not only improve occupant health and well being, but

 also, enable the adequate provision of energy services to the community at affordable cost.


Goal 4: Reduce environmental pollution:

Energy efficiency will reduce the local environmental impacts of its production and use.

These impacts include the atmospheric emission of harmful and odorous gases.

Goal 5: Reduce CO2 emissions

Energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective methods of reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and thereby combating Climate Change. Addressing Climate Change opens the door to utilizing novel financing mechanism, such as the CDM to reduce CO2 emissions.

Goal 6: Improve industrial competitiveness:



It has been demonstrated that one of most cost-effective ways of maximizing commercial profitability is the adoption of appropriate energy efficiency measures nationwide, this will improve Africa’s export performance and improve the value that her economy derives from indigenous energy resources.

Goal 7: Enhance Energy Security

Energy conservation will reduce the necessary volume of imported primary energy resources, crude oil in particular. This will enhance the robustness of Africa’s energy security and will increase the country’s resilience against external energy supply disruptions and price fluctuations.

 Last and the most important Goal:


Goal 8: Sustainable energy opportunity. Yet 1.3 billion people one in five globally-lack electricity to light their homes or conduct business.

When a natural disaster strikes the electric power grid is often damaged leaving homes, schools, health clinics and business centres without access to energy when they need it most.

Nearly 40% of the world population relies on wood, coal, charcoal, or animal waste to cook their food in Africa, breathing toxic smoke that causes lung disease and kills nearly two million people a year, most of them are women and children.



Electricity enables children to study after dark.


It enables water to be pumped for crops, food and medicines to be refrigerated. Modern fuels for cooking and heating relieve women from the time-consuming drudgery and danger of traveling a long distance to gather wood and water.

Without access to modern energy, it is not possible to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, the eight points global agenda adopted by the United Nations, whether by reducing poverty, improving women and children’s health, or broadening the reach of education.

Greenergy LLC development is offering an opportunity to improve lives and promote economic progress, by replacing outdated cook stoves and open fires with modern energy services, this would help save the lives of 800,000 children and women who die each year as a result of exposure to indoor smoke.

And these are the most important goals for Greenergy.


Energy can be used to support business and achieve greater prosperity. A farmer who irrigates his fields can double the size of his crop, feed his family, and earn a decent living. A sewing machine and a light to work from at night can enable a woman to generate extra income for her family. With sustainable energy, this goal can be well achieved.


Our products provide both off-grid and on-grid power generation solutions.

As an off-grid solution, we provide power in remote locations without the cost of connecting to a grid, or the maintenance costs involved with combustion engine generation.

Our on-grid solutions provide power to our customers who then supply "peak-demand" power to utilities. This reduces the need for large dollar mega generation projects and returns revenue back to our customers.


The Fuel cell system is a complete solution, designed to generate clean energy right at the point of demand. A modular 500kW power bank is combined to produce multiple megawatts of zero-emission electricity, with heat created by the system providing hot water and space heating. The system can operate continuously to meet base load power needs, or intermittently to provide peak power during times of high demand




Distributed Generation – Fuel cells can take advantage of low-cost hydrogen streams from chemical and biogas production to generate power locally for onsite use or sell back to the grid. 


Solar Projects greater than 50kw require experience, knowledge, and management. We can evaluate your project and provide ROI analysis. 

Solar energy provides a long term, reliable and clean energy source to generate electricity. Domestic and international policies, climate change, and fossil fuel volatility all create uncertainty for non-renewable energy generation technologies, while innovative solar generation is dramatically driving down electricity rates.

A level of solar integration new to North America and independent from smaller-scale solar installations will lower total system costs and drive the price of solar electricity towards current retail prices.

We provide a variety of solutions to implement large-scale solar projects. Our expertise includes:

  • • Development & Acquisition
  • • Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • • Strategic Supply Partnerships
  • • Off-Take & Sale Agreements
  • • International Financing
  • • Commercial Operations & Maintenance

We offer a multitude of solutions to implement large-scale solar projects. This expertise includes turnkey solutions for solar projects: integrating and managing the process from the initial development and design through construction and operations; and we provide an on-time, on-budget and low cost solar generating facility.

Current Business Focus

Greenergy has a multi-market growth focus in fuel cell and solar products. This drives greater revenue and margin potential while lowering risk for all stake holders. Fuel cell and solar applications are expected to broaden in the mid-term, although our focus today remains sharply on residential, commercial and industrial opportunities in construction, backup power, and distributed generation.

Years of experience and a wide range of know-how

In 2009 Greenergy LLC was conceived and launched the solar energy business with design and consultation of rooftop PV systems for the Southern region of the United States.  In 2013 Greenergy LLC Incorporated in Zimbabwe at Greenergy Limited (Private) continuing rooftop solar and solar irrigation project work. In 2013 Greenergy LLC Incorporated in Nigeria as Greenergy A&D Nig. Ltd, expanding its residential rooftop solar energy market. In 2014 Greenergy LLC Incorporated in Kenya as Greenergy Corporation Limited providing off grid development utilizing battery storage technology for rural Kenya areas. In 2015 Greenergy A&D Incorporated in Dubai, UAE as Greenergy A&D Commodities DMCC making Dubai the Headquarters of the corporation, and in 2016, Greenergy A&D Commodities DMCC expanding a division as Greenergy Oil and Gas Hong Kong Limited, commodities trading.

Since 2009 Greenergy A&D has been advising numerous entities on all aspects of turnkey solar systems. Nowadays Greenergy A&D is an enterprise with a solid foundation and strong expertise in a market which is determined by permanent development and progress.

The business development

2009 - Design and construction of residential rooftop solar
2013 - Zimbabwe at Greenergy Limited (Private), residential rooftop solar, solar irrigation
2013 - Nigeria as Greenergy A&D Nig. Ltd, residential solar, off grid solar
2014 - Kenya as Greenergy Corporation Limited, off grid, battery storage technology
2015 – Dubai, UAE as Greenergy A&D Commodities DMCC, Main Commodities Conglomeration HQ.
2016 – Greenergy Oil and Gas Hong Kong Limited, Asia commodities trading division


Contact Us:

Email Address: Office: +971 50 666 0517

Cell: +971 50 666 1027. Mailing address:

Unit 2494 Level 1, DMCC Business Centre

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Dubai, UAE